About Blue Mountain Lodge

Blue Mountain Lodge is located in the Becharof Ugashik Lake Region of Alaska, USA. The area is the spawning grounds for all species of salmon and millions of salmon each year crowd the lakes and streams. This abundance of food helps to support one of the most dense Brown Bear populations in the state. The Alaska Peninsula supports a wide range of wildlife including the Northern Peninsula Caribou herd and moose averaging 60 inch racks. Wolf and wolverine are also in the area along with waterfowl and Willow Ptarmigan.

Our newly constructed main lodge is where you will eat, relax and reflect on the days events. The lodge offers a beautiful view of our lake, Blue Mountain and the Aleutian Mountains. The guest cabin, a duplex built in 2006, has two private bedrooms and two front rooms that have bunk beds and a small common area. Both sides include a private bathroom with shower and flushing toilet. Blue Mountain Lodge sleeps two couples and up to 6 single guests. Two of the rooms are private with queen beds; the front portion of the cabin has bunk beds along with table and chairs. There is also a freezer for preserving your trophy or any salmon you wish to take home. You’re welcome to bring your video camera, and we have a flat screen TV at the lodge for watching the day’s activities. We will fly out and stay with you, knowing the best rivers and/or lakes with the best fishing. Daily lunches are shore style, once during your stay we will grill your fresh catch over an open fire! After lunch you’ll either continue fishing or fly to a new location. After a long afternoon you will fly back to Blue Mountain Lodge for a delicious family style dinner. We have a great variety of fishing locations, beautiful scenery and the ability to customize your daily activities.


Spike camps consist of Hanson Weather Ports. Smaller portable tents are also used permitting us to relocate in a matter of hours. Three 4X4 pickups and one Jeep are used for hunting in any conditions for Caribou and Willow Ptarmigan. A Piper Super Cub, a Cessna 180 on floats and a Cessna 182 are also employed in hunting big game.

Where Are We?

Blue Mountain Lodge is unique in the fact that it is located on an old oil exploration road system. Back in the 1950s, oil companies walked caterpillar tractors across the tundra and built a 4,700 foot airstrip. They then flew the rest of their equipment in to build a network of roads. This road system is only accessible by air and is not connected to any town or village.

The terrain on the peninsula is mainly tundra with numerous lakes and streams. The eastern side of the peninsula is laced with volcanic mountains forming the Alaska Peninsula Range. Blue Mountain Lodge takes in the island arm of Becharof Lake. Its breathtaking scenery combined with plentiful fish and game make it a sportsman’s paradise.

Following jet service from Anchorage to King Salmon you will take a charter flight 55 miles south over the Naknek, King Salmon and Egegik Rivers. Also, you will be flying over the second largest lake in Alaska, Becharof Lake, which is just 15 miles from our facility.

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