Guided Hunts in Alaska

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One guide per hunter is employed and you can hunt the Alaska Peninsula area for brown bear, moose, wolf, wolverine, duck, goose, and ptarmigan. You can take advantage of individual or combined species hunts and all hunts are fair chase. Book as early as possible to assure the time you wish to hunt is available.

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Brown Bear Hunting

The population of Brown Bears on the Alaska Peninsula is at an all time high. With an abundant supply of salmon, berries, moose, caribou, ground squirrels and carrion the refuge provides excellent habitat for numerous brown bears. The refuge supports one of the highest concentrations of brown bear in Alaska. According to Becharof National Wildlife Refuge staff, Becharof and Alaska Peninsula N.W.R. combined are thought to be home to as many as 3000 of these magnificent animals. Bears range from mountaintops to seacoast. Depending on weather conditions and food supply, bears usually leave their dens in April/May and return in October/November. Some bears will den much later, or not at all, if adequate food sources are available.

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Moose Hunting

The Alaska Peninsula has one of the best opportunities to harvest moose in the state. The Alaska Peninsula may not have the largest number of Moose or the most record book entries, instead the real difference about the Peninsula is what the Moose don't have - timber! They can run but they can't hide. Eventually they will show themselves in a Willow thicket or pop out of an Alder patch! I know where they live; I've been doing this since 17 years of age.

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Bird Hunting

Thank you for your interest in Ptarmigan, Duck, and Geese hunting with Blue Mountain Lodge Alaska!Our 5 day, 6 night package includes daily guided bird hunts and fly out fishing excursions. You will enjoy our newly constructed main lodge as well as guest cabins with private restrooms and shower. All meals, refreshments, and small game & fishing licenses are included.We have access miles of old mining roads, perfect for hunting on the road system, as well as a skeet and target shooting area for practice and sighting in!

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