Blue Mountain Lodge
Alaska Guide Bios


Tracy Vrem is 53 years old, and was born and raised in Alaska. He has been working at his lodge since he was 14 years of age. Tracy started out as a dishwasher and camp helper. He spent many hours skinning Caribou capes and dressing Ptarmigan, learning the trade from the bottom up. Tracy takes great pride in the care given to his hunter’s trophies. If you can’t flesh a trophy properly or are not willing to learn you don’t work for Tracy.

At age 18 Tracy became a licensed Assistant Guide. He continued to hone his skills while working for the original owner, Gene Needels. Tracy earned his Registered Guide license at the age of 22. Tracy started flying lessons in high school. At the age of 22 Tracy purchased the business from Mr. Needels in 1983. Tracy became a licensed Private Pilot at age 24. There are few people more familiar and comfortable in this area of the Alaska Peninsula. Tracy has logged over 8000 hours flying time on the Alaska Peninsula.

Besides loving to fly Tracy downhill skis, plays hockey, and travels to attend sport shows in the lower 48 to sell his fishing and hunting adventures. Tracy married his wife, Linda, in 1985 and raised 3 children in Alaska. Tracy serves on the Lower Bristol Bay Advisory Board on hunting and fishing a board that makes recommendations to the Alaska Board of Game. Tracy is also one of the longest continuous permit holders with the Alaska Peninsula and Becharof National Wildlife Refuges.

Tracy has continued to provide a professional, ethical, dependable and safe guiding service for the past 30 years. Tracy loves his time spent on the Alaska Peninsula.

Tracy was a contributor to the book Ask the Grizzly/Brown Bear Guides by J.Y. Jones.