Other Activities

Bear Viewing Tours

Your visit to Blue Mountain Lodge may include bear viewing. Alaskan Brown Bears fish the pristine waters of the Alaska Peninsula during the salmon runs. We often fly over 20 to 40 boars, sows, and cubs fishing for spawning salmon.

Thirty minutes from our lodge is the world famous Brook’s Falls in Katmai National Park. We fly to Naknek Lake using a Cessna 180 float plane. Brook’s Falls is a short hike form the lake. Usually we spend half a day visiting the falls and viewing the bears.

Minutes from the lodge is Becharof Lake, the second largest lake in Alaska. Becharof Lake also has the second largest red salmon run in the state. Over a million and a half Red Salmon spawn in the tributaries of Becharof Lake. Bears can be found all along the streams during the salmon runs. We have the capabilities of landing on small gravel bars or lakes, usually making it a short hike to get up close to Alaska Brown Bears in the wild!

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Hiking Tours

Guided hiking tours for 2-7 days can be arranged. Explore the Becharof and Ugashik National Wildlife Refuge, Aniakchak National Park, and Katmai National Park and Preserve. Highlights include the Ukinrek Maars, Mt Peulik hot springs, Becharof National Wildlife Wilderness Area, and the coastal beaches of Shelikof Strait. We can also combine the tour with 2 days of kayaking in the island arm portion of Becharof Lake.

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Beachcombing Tours

Both Bristol Bay and the Pacific Coast beaches have outstanding beachcombing opportunities. A favorite treasure to look for is Japanese glass balls used as fishing net floats.

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