Hunting Open Dates & Pricing

Thank you for your interest in Blue Mountain Lodge hunting tours!

One guide per hunter is employed and you can hunt the Alaska Peninsula area for brown bear, moose, wolf, wolverine, duck, goose, and ptarmigan. You can take advantage of individual or combined species hunts and all hunts are fair chase. Book as early as possible to assure the time you wish to hunt is available.

Alaska Peninsula brown bear and moose hunts

Brown Bear Hunts:

May 2024 

May 10-19: 1-Openings $30,000

May 16-25: Sold Out       $30,000

October 2025

October 7-16: Sold out $35,000

October 12-21: 1 openings $35,000

May 2026

May 10-19: Sold Out $37,500

May 16-25: 4 openings $37,500

Moose Hunts:

Moose 2024

September – Sold out

2025-2026 September – Please call

The open dates listed above are based on 1 guide per client. Special arrangements can be made for people wanting to hunt together with the same guide. Two clients are the maximum we will take per guide.


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